• How safe is it to meet someone online for a threesome?

    The internet since inception, has brought about an ease in the way we get things done making it of great advantage to everyone to the extent that if the internet should cease for a day worldwide, a great number of people will also cease to live during that period.Read more

    • How to Have a Threesome For the First Time?

      Having your first threesome can either be a big cause of excitement or a big cause of apprehension. A lot if first-timers find it hard to initiate a threesome and even more difficult to ask others question on how to have a threesome.Read more

      • What Was the Hardest Part About Planning a Threesome?

        Both men and women fantasize about having a threesome. Although it may seem like just another sexual encounter, it isn’t. There are many repercussions you must be aware of. Hence this type of sexual encounter requires careful planning and agreement of all parties involved.Read more


          There is so many pleasure that could be derived from a threesome to bring out the best of your sex life, though one needs a bit of care. It must not be habitual so as not to lead to some havoc in marriage or relationship. Threesomes are not for the coward or for those who do not think good about the consequence for it should not be done If the mind against it.Read more

          • How to get threesome?

            Having a threesome lifestyle would be weird relationship goals in 1960, but threesomes have become a rapidly growing custom among couples in recent times. Threesomes have been popularized by the ever growing internet globalization and the freedoms of expression which it allows people have.Read more

            • Threesome Lifestyle

              The best way to intro a threesome into your life should only be connected when you and your wife is really aroused. This is not a topic that can be diagnosed when you are tired for work. Your wife needs to be in the right.Read more